A typical Romanian Day

Friday, 20th of September

Wedding Day

Saturday, 21st of September
1 pm Church Ceremony
3 pm Welcome on Castle Grounds
4 pm Wedding Party

Brunch and Farewell

Sunday, 22nd of September

The Day of the Wedding is September 21st, Saturday. For the enjoyment of our guests, we will have some traditional Romanian activities scheduled on Friday, September 20th. We will have a meal at the village museum, eat Romanian food and enjoy some traditional music. The Day of the Wedding, we will start with a religious ceremony at the Orthodox Cathedral, located in the city center of Satu Mare. The ceremony is scheduled for 1 pm. A regular wedding ceremony last about one hour.

After that, the wedding party will be transported to the castle, where the festivities are scheduled to start at 3 pm – a cocktail hour followed by a party and formal dinner including lots of music and fun!

You can expect a Romanian wedding to last until late in the night, so bring your party shoes.

The weather is typical fall weather, around 70 degrees during the day, the air getting a little cooler at night. The dress code is formal, an elegant dress for the ladies and a suit and tie for the gentleman. Bring a light cover up for the evening hours, as the air will get cooler.

On Sunday, we will have a brunch with our guests, relax and recover from our long night.